What’s Apple Music?


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The Apple entered the music streaming application is similar to rival Rdio and Spotify, but with some key differences such as Beats 1 radio and iCloud Music Library.


  • On-demand songs and albums
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Beats 1 live radio
  • Apple Music Radio
  • Connect artist blogs
  • Library sync and offline caching via iCloud Music Library

beats 1 radio

Apple Music

Despite being unified under the same label, Apple Music can not really be considered five different services. In the center is the on-demand streaming of songs and albums, with benefits such as playlists and personalized advice police.

Beats Radio 1

The third branch, Beats 1 is actually a radio station 24 hours organized by DJ music, interviews, applications and specials celebrities. Apple Music Radio is itself a reinvention of iTunes Radio, distinguished mainly by healing more preset stations.

Beats 1 Radio  with apple music


Connect is Apple’s answer to social networking as it applies to music. The service comes with a one-way blog-style format through which musicians can share news, songs, photos, and videos. Apple is continuously building out Connect and most recently added a feature called Beats 1: Replay, which lets listeners play back recorded Beats 1 shows hosted by DJs Zane Lowe, Julie Adenuga and Ebro Darden.


Play Offline

iCloud music library need to add on-demand content to a personal library and / or cache these songs to listen online. It can also be used to load a local collection listening distance. Users have complained, however, about the problems duplicates, bad music and even labeling removing songs and playlists mass.

the prices

Beats connect 1 and some features are free, but access to content on demand and iCloud Music Library costs $ 10 per month for individuals or $ 15 a month with a family plan six user. Undecided can try the service free for three months.

Beats 1 and some Connect features

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